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Face painting

Fantasy makeup for children and adults

Are you looking for quick, sophisticated or special makeup? We have several make-up formulas adapted to your needs.

A must!

What could be better than transforming the sweet faces of children to create living works that will color your party: it deserves it! Little butterflies, spiderman, princesses and other fanciful creatures will make children and adults smile.

We offer a fancy make-up service, also called artistic make-up, Top of the range, offered by professional make-up artists who rigorously apply strict hygiene standards and who have hundreds of hours of practice and training in Quebec and / or abroad.


Our artists, proud ambassadors of your event

Our artists are always colorful and accompanied by their most beautiful smile. They are committed to make a difference in the parents’ day and in the children’s live. Experts in events, they know how to assess ridership and adapt their designs according to it in order to optimize the queues: full face, half face or quick pattern.

Depending on the context, we can design a customized stencil with your logo or slogan: ask us.

Hygiene standards: a commitment towards the children and their parents

We believe it is important to offer our customers high standards of hygiene and professionalism. Our makeup artists regularly renew their equipment and disinfect their brushes and sponges which continually touch children’s faces.

We use professional-quality, non-greasy makeup, dry to the touch once applied. The water or alcohol eyeshadows and the sparkles that we use meet government health and safety requirements (FDA / EU approved). In accordance with the recommendations of most manufacturers, we only make up children over 3 years on the face.

A summary of our most popular formulas in pictures:


10-15 make-ups per hour per artist.

Colorful make-ups that children can freely choose, with glitter and skin jewelry if they want. Super heroes, animals, floral patterns, space theme, fantastic creatures, motorized vehicles, … no limit in the choice of models!

The products used are easily washed with soap and water.

Technical requirements: 1 clean and clear space in the shade, 1 table and 2 chairs per artist.


15-22 make-ups per hour per artist.

Children choose from 9 different models without jewelry for an optimized queue!

Fast, simple and “punchy” make-up, done in record time (1 to 3 minutes)! Their imagination will do the rest.

Several thematic signs available.

The products used are easily washed with soap and water.

Technical requirements: 1 clean and unobstructed space, in the shade, 1 table and 2 chairs per artist



15-20 make-ups per hour per artist.

Amazing abstract make-ups, original and colorful patterns! Each makeup is a surprise that the makeup artist reserves for his models…

The products used are easily washed with soap and water.

Technical requirements: 1 clean and unobstructed space in the shade, 1 table and 2 chairs per artist


10-50 make-ups per hour per artist depending on the complexity and size of the design.

A temporary airbrush tattoo service. This technique has the advantage of being able to be very fast depending on the type of the models chosen, perfect for high-volume events of participants. The make-up obtained is water resistant.

How it works? The airbrush applies makeup using a gentle air stream. The make-up dries immediately, allowing different patterns to be superimposed using stencils. The complexity and size of the designs are adjusted according to the time that it is possible to allocate to each person:

  • 1 min for a monochrome pattern, (see the photo above)
  • 2 to 3 min for a small format multi-color model
  • 5 to 10 min for a large format multi-color model or 3D tatoos: sleeve or shoulder for example (see the photo below)

Makeup can remain on the skin for about 2 to 4 days if it is not soaped or rubbed but is easily cleaned with soap and then water. We usually apply it on the body but it is possible to make up the face. For long-lasting airbrush make-up, ask us about our alcohol-based products (around 5 to 7 days – body only).

“Express” airbrush formula (with a limited choice sign) is also available on request.

Technical needs by artist:

  • A clean and unobstructed space in the shade + a table and two chairs
  • An independent standard outlet (110V) nearby, with extension


10-15 make-ups per hour per make-up artist.

Special makeup that shines under the effect of black lights to illuminate your party. Ideal for children AND adults. Memorable effect guaranteed!

The products used are easily washed with soap and water.

Technical requirements:

  • A clean and unobstructed space + a table and two chairs per artist
  • Blacklight lights for the makeup kiosk and for the whole room (Possibility of providing “blacklight” for the makeup kiosk ($)


Are you organizing a special day for future mothers who want to keep a memory of their pregnancy? Do you work on a film set and want the actors to have a particular look? Are you organizing an artistic festival?

There are plenty of opportunities to live the bodypainting experience! We will transform the bodies, partially or completely, into living works of art. Our artists are full of creativity for this kind of project.

Share your ideas with us!


8-10 makeups per hour per artist.

Madame bonbon and her friends move around with their makeup trays. When you want art to meet children …

Ideal for low traffic events.

The products used are easily washed with soap and water.


Temporary tattoos, very quick to make, simple and shiny, resist well to water!

Technical needs: 1 clean and clear space in the shade + 1 table and 2 chairs per artist

Examples of rates

Minimum 3h per service at the weekend and 2h during the week - Prices before transport (for information only). Discounts available for schools / organizations / daycares / day camps.
$375/per artist Fantasy - 4h
  • -
  • Classic formula
  • Express formula
  • Circus formula
  • Contact-us
$525/per artist Fantasy - 6h
  • -
  • Classique formula
  • Express formula
  • Cirque formula
  • Contact-us
$500/per artist Airbrush - 4h
$630/per artist Airbrush - 6h

Hello Clotilde,
Thank you for your very successful activity. The citizens were very satisfied. Well done to your team!

Marie-Annick Lussier – Leisure Development Agent / Ville de Montréal arrondissement Lasalle

“Superb experience with Cirkazou. Real circus and makeup pro :)!”

Sara Maranda-Gauvin – Activities Manager / MIL Campus – UdeM

”I wanted to thank you for your flexibility and your work, because I had good comments from our partner (the City of Laval) and the target clientele which were the children.”

Gina Benitez – Coordinator – Loisirs Bon Pasteur 

“Superb team! The makeup is magnificent and I have always received excellent service from the organizers and the animators!”

Tammy Hurteau – Executive Director – St-Jean et Noël dans le parc

“We were very happy to have you here at La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde’s Christmas party. Your welcome, your smile and your professionalism really made all the difference. Children and even adults loved you. I wish you a good holiday and that 2017 will be a good year for you. “

Michelle Pelletier – Organizer – La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde