Rolling entertainment

Our rolling entertainment

Active transportation is our hobby! And we know how to value it with humor and originality.

Whether you are organizing an event for cyclists or your party is very extensive, we have thought of everything!

Tandem bike, Grand-bi, unicycle. Ideal for attracting attention, causing wonder, and most of all … encouraging your guests to adopt active transportation ! Never mind, our artists love to ride and are not afraid of the challenge! Clowns, acrobats, Sunday sportsmen and other wacky characters: discover which of our concepts will best accompany your event.


* Minimum 3 sets per service on the week-end and 2 sets during the week – Sets of 30 or 40 min per hour depending on the discipline.

Our concepts 0n Tandem-bike

Billie and Randy, Ben and Karbie, Kazou and Kazou

Let our comic duo take care of the party !

Artists will not go unnoticed : sometimes on their bike and sometimes on foot to bring good humor, culture and transport people around in a universe in which everything is lighter, more vibrant, funnier, and above all ….. make them want to get on their bike too!

If you have an extended event, this animation is made for you! Artists move very quickly.
They can people you laugh, but also announce performances, booths to visit, etc. !

Billie & Randy

Are you ready for your bike-cardio-fitness class? Well, they are 200% ready! And they put on their latest sports clothes.

You are in the front row. Play the game, they will make you feel so good! See you on the bike path

entertainment with bicycle
family festive entertainment

Ben & Karbie

These emblematic characters of the famous toy dolls do their best to look like them.
But obviously they are missing the user manual !

Their improvisation to embody these characters will seduce you …. and make you laugh !

park animation duo
public entertainer juggles

Kazou & Kazou

Twins who know each other by heart, and make the perfect team !! Finally… when they manage to agree and pedal in the right direction! Not easy ….

Do that makes you laugh ?!? Good, so do we. Keep the North !

twin clown
bike animation

Jugglers on unicycle

Get high on a wheel !

Our skillful jugglers will love to surprise you with their technique, their balance, and their big heart! They have all kinds of accessories: juggling skittles, balls, hat, diabolos, and so on!

Just what it takes to be seen from above and impress, in a crowd for example, like
a stilts walker but in a rolling version … That’s good, your guests will take the opportunity to garnish their Instagram profile with a very cool photo of a memorable event !!

Summer circus festival
unicycle juggler
children school show

Acrobatic duo in Grand-bi

Do you want to go back in time ? You are right! This engaging duo will immerse you in their universe, to the rhythm of acrobatics, gags, poetry and reverie, all while riding. 4 costumes available according to your theme.

There is no perfect type and size of bike, just a nice variety: everyone can choose the right bike, as long as he is happy on 2 wheels!

Sets of 30 minutes per hour.

Retro chic 20s

20s’ duo

Duo fancy sexy acrobats

Circus duo

country bike duo

50s’ duo

explorers on wheels

Duo of explorers

Some examples of rates

Minimum 3h per service on the week-end and 2h during the week - Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 40 min/h on the ground and 30 min/h on stilts. Discounts available for OBSL, School, CPE.
$920/per duo Tandem bike duo
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Clowns - Jugglers - Bubblers
  • Characters
  • Contact-us
$555/per artist Juggler on unicycle
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Clowns - Jugglers - Bubblers
  • Characters
  • Contact-us
$1275/per duo Grand-bi bike duo
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Colorful characters
  • Thematic characters
  • Chic characters
  • Contact-us
$645/per artist Juggler on unicycle
  • -
  • 4 sets
  • Winter characters
  • Acrobat characters
  • Animal characters
  • Contact-us



I am writing to thank you for the services rendered during our event which took place the last Saturday. We appreciated the presence of your team on site. We received excellent service, very professional and always attentive to our needs.


To answer your questions, what we liked most is the excellent customer service, but also the entertainment during the event. The ladies who carried out the animations were really passionate. The participants really enjoyed. Bravo to Monsieur Bleu for his show, the children really liked it!


Honestly, I wouldn’t change the service received! Nathalie and Clotilde were very present throughout the planning and were always open to making changes. The only advice: Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to collaborate again with you,


Louis-Cedrik Leduc, programming manager – City of Saint-Zotique

Hello Catherine,


Thank you, very successful activity, very satisfied citizens. Well done to your team.


Marie-Annick Lussier, programming manager, City of Montreal, Lasalle district