Aerial Acts

Nothing is too good for your guests?

As event professionals: we agree!


We have selected a variety of breathtaking aerial acts for you to highlight the excellence of your evening in order to create a unique bond between your brand and your guests! All these acts require a secure ceiling anchor to hang their circus devices.

Bohémia – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Aerial Fixed Trapeze

This bohemian will make you drunk you her sensual force. A captivating and charming trapeze act.

Technical needsClick here to see the Technical Sheet

Lifeguard – 04 minutes

Discipline : Aerial Silk

Let yourself be enchanted by this charming lifeguard who does her best to supervise swimmers, but who is very distracted by her buoy …

Technical needsClick here to see the Technical Sheet

Duo Rosace – 06 minutes

Disciplines : Aerial Rosette, danse

A unique act in the world with the grace and finesse of two artist-dancers who lend themselves to the game of the mirror to dazzle you for a moment … of inspiring escape and sweet collective euphoria.

Technical NeedsClick here to see the Technical Sheet

Some examples of rates

Prices before transport and before taxes (for information only).
$870/representation Aerial Solo
$2380/representation Aerial Duo
$1150/representation Aerial Solo + entertainment

Dear Clotilde and Nathalie,


On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight your incredible involvement during your services at the airport. You have enlivened the hearts of our passengers, and our heart too. It’s always a pleasure to do business with you two …


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Luc Veilleux – Chief Operating Officer – Montreal Airport