Bons Vivants


Fun and captivating characters

Let us add joy and good humor to your party so that everyone will fall in love with your event ….

Enjoy a short summary overview of what awaits you and discover our categories of bons vivants !!


On the ground, in a unicycle or on stilts, jugglers roves among the participants, combining circus demonstrations, humor and original interactions with young and old.

Circus disciplines vary according to the talents of the artists: balls, skittles, poï, hula-hoop, contact ball, stick-flower, diabolo, etc.

* Sets of 40 minutes per hour * Minimum 3 sets per artist

Stilts Walkers

We have 3 types of stilts wakers :

  • ambulatory
  • specialized
  • animals

* sets of 30 minutes per hour *

Minimum 3 sets per artist


A very visual animation, which will make the children run and play to burst the bubbles and impress the adults!

The artists create gigantic soap bubbles that can be up to 6m long and show some curiosities that it is possible to make with bubbles to passers-by.

* Sets of 40 minutes per hour * Minimum 3 sets per artist


ajouter de la magie

Rolling entertainment

Active transportation is our hobby! And we know how to value it with humor and originality.

Whether you are organizing an event for cyclists or your party is very extensive, we have thought of everything!

Tandem bike, Grand-bi, unicycle. Ideal for attracting attention, causing wonder, and most of all … encouraging your guests to adopt active transportation! Never mind, our artists love to ride and are not afraid of the challenge!

Clowns, acrobats, Sunday sportsmen and other wacky characters: discover which of our concepts will best accompany your event.

* Sets of 30 or 40 min per hour depending on the discipline * Minimum 3 sets per artist


Clowns on the ground or in stilts.

Our artists have a background in clown art and have developed a great sensitivity in order to adapt to all audiences, from toddlers to seniors. Our artists’ makeup is light, just enough to arouse curiosity and add a touch of craziness to their big hearts without impressing the little ones.

* Sets of 40 minutes per hour * Minimum 3 sets per artist




Colonel Candy on the ground

Lady Candy Ground or stilts

Pandora in stilts

historical entertainment

Lavandine on the ground or stilts

The Rainbow on the ground or stilts

Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch on the ground or stilts

Lucy on the ground

white fairy with a big and beautifull dress

Gwendoline on the ground or stilts

duo de G.O animateurs

Billie and Randy on the ground or by tandem bike

Duo de Ben et Karbie

Ben and Karby on the ground or by tandem bike

cowboy western animation

Harry the cowboy on the ground

cowboy a cheval

Bobby on the ground or stilts

Kazou & Kazou on the ground or by tandem bike

The Vintages on the ground

Toutou-cat ground or ice-skates

The scientist on the ground

mascotte giraffe children

Toutou-Giraffe ground or ice-skates

The Brides on the ground or stilts

Add colour and fun

Sibylle on the ground or stilts

Toutou-Bear ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Unicorn ground or ice-skates

rodeo comique cheval

Cabotin et bottine on the ground

Paprika on the ground

Toutou-Dragon ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Rabbit ground or ice-skates

chapelier excentrique

The Wacky Hatter ground or stilts

Toutou-Dinosaur ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Penguin ground or ice-skates

Some examples of rates

Minimum 3h per artist and 2 artists - Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 40 min / h on the ground and 30 min / h on stilts.
$500/per artist Ground entertainment
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Juggler - Clown - Bubbler
  • Characters
  • Contact Us
$570/per artist Ground entertainment
  • -
  • 4 sets
  • Juggler - Clown - Bubbler
  • Characters
  • Contact Us
$600/per artist Roving stilts
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Coloured characters
  • Thematic characters
  • Glamour Characters
  • Contact Us
$705/per artist Specialised stilts
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Winter lovers
  • Acrobatics stilts
  • Animals stilts
  • Contact Us

Cirkazou made our return to school a magical and wonderful moment! The children had stars in their eyes! Waders, jugglers, tandem and unicyle bikes… all were excellent and dynamic!

I highly recommend Cirkazou!


Julie Couture – teacher – Tandem school, Laval


A great company and a great team (Nathalie & Clotilde). If you are looking for professionals in animation, circus activities, for young and old, I recommend Cirkazou!


Gautier Dorval – agency owner

Hello Nathalie,


We were very happy to see you last Thursday! And what a pleasure to see the smiles on all the participants. It’s been a long time since we’ve had as much success with an animation!


Marina Le Chêne – Co-president – BLC Support Événement Inc. in collaboration with L’autre Marché