Cabaret Acts

Cabaret Acts

Perfect for your adult guests at corporate evenings, galas, award ceremonies, thank you evening for volunteers, sleepless nights, etc.


Show Reel – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Aerial, contorsion, danse

A whirlwind of an acrobatic performance  Let yourself be charmed by this unforgettable artist … just for delight of your eyes and your heart! This apparatus is freestanding and does not require a rigging point.

Perfect for a cocktail party !

Technical needs :Flat surface of 6 ‘x 6’ minimum. Space required: 8 ‘x 8’ x 8 ‘. Power outlet nearby.

Yamato – 06 minutes

Disciplines : Objects manipulation, acrobatics and objects balancing

An extraordinary and unique act of Japanese traditional juggling which has won several international competitions. This a combines grace and Japanese tradition with the complexity and the Québec innovative modernism. The juggling device used in this act is unique in the world.

Technical needs: A stage space of at least 13 ’x 13’ (4 m x 4 m) / Minimum height: 23 ’(7 m), Nearby power outlet.

Virtual Poïs – 05 minutes

Discipline : L.E.D Juggling

Un numéro haut en couleurs et effet visuels. Ces instruments de jonglerie sont programmables et les designs obtenus pourront s’agencer avec votre thématique de soirée. Il est également possible de programmer un logo lumineux.

Disponible en intérieur ou en extérieur – Plusieurs choix de costumes.

Technical needs : Hauteur de plafond : min. 10′. Prise de courant à proximité. Noirceur totale.

Le serveur – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Objects manipulation and balancing

A particularly skilful waiter who offers a balance act of crystal glasses with finesse and a dose of humor!

Perfect when serving champagne!

Technical needs : Click here to see the Technical Sheet

Mât chinois – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Chinese Pole and Acrobatics

Extreme acrobatics on a freestanding Chinese mast (which does not require a hanging point). Hold your breath and keep your eyes wide open.

Technical needs: stage space 4m x 4m (13 ‘x 13’) / Minimum height: 15 ‘/ Power outlet nearby.

L’homme allumette – 06 minutes

Disciplines: L.E.D Juggling balls and balloons, dance, acrobatics, magic

To put you in the mood for a matsuri (Japanese festival), this juggler of the night will impress you in this fascinating LED show, full of humor and twists!

Technical needs: stage space of 10 ‘x 10’ minimum. Total darkness. Assembly / disassembly: 5 min / 5 min. Power outlet nearby.

Sexy hoops – 04 minutes

Disciplines : Hula-hoop, acrobatics and danse

Un numéro sensuel, esthétique et raffiné … Mélodie vous partagera son univers charmant et envoûtant avec ses cerceaux qui feront tourner les têtes. Une rencontre entre technique et féminité.

Technical needs : Click here to see the Technical Sheet

La grande roue – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Cyr Wheel and danse

Invented in 1998 by an artist from the Magdalen Islands, the Cyr wheel has already fascinated the whole world.
On your turn, discover or rediscover it in this energetic act that combines strength and agility.

Technical needs : Click here to see the Technical Sheet

Sombreros – 05 minutes

Disciplines : Juggling

One hat is never enough for this skillful juggler … 5 hat should be!

Pay attention, he is very good to attract attention!

Technical needs : Click here to see the Technical Sheet

Some examples of rates

Prices before transport (for information only).
$465/representation Juggling
$950/representation L.E.D Juggling
  • -
  • L'homme allumette
  • Forfait 1230$ :
  • Act + entertainment 2 x 30 min
  • Contact-us
$1015/représentation Cyr Wheel
$725/representation ShowReel
  • -
  • Package 945$ :
  • Show Reel + Stilts (1 x 30 min)
  • Contact-us

Chères Clotilde et Nathalie,


J’aimerais au nom de mes collègues, en profiter pour souligner votre incroyable implication lors de vos prestations à l’aéroport. Non seulement vous égayez le coeur de nos passagers mais le nôtre aussi. C’est toujours un plaisir de faire affaire avec vous deux…


Joyeux Noël et Bonne année


Luc Veilleux – Chef des opérations – Aéroport de Montréal