Circus Shows

Participatory circus shows

Technical prowess, humor and surprises for all tastes!

Duo Cirk O’pommes – Theatral circus – 45 min

Public : children-families *Available in 20 or 45 min*

Gina and Gerry are two circus artists with a playful and dynamic personality! They just received some bags of apples ….

What can you do with so many apples? Pie, compote, croustade…

They will have to come to an agreement among them…. and with the public who will certainly have a word to say!!

Juggling, acrobatics, manipulation of objects, a good dose of humour and nonsense, and of course the public participation are the winning recipe for this colorful show, which deals with important subjects such as the fear of failure, caring and empathy with lightness and grace.

A show that will give as a bonus, the irresistible desire to eat fruit!!

Wait until you see the final absolutely….. CRISPY!

Technical Requirements:

  • a clean and open space of 7m x 5m
  • a dressing room (office or closed room) with mirror, toilet, snacks and water
  • a table of 8
  • access to a power outlet with extension cord if necessary

Fare: $1500 (45 min) + transportation from Brome (J0E 1K0)

Available indoors or outdoors

Available in St-Jean version (blue and white costumes)

GiGi and her 1001 surprises – Circus and magic – 45 min

Public: children – families * Available in French and / or English *

GiGi will delight her audience with a colorful show including magic, circus techniques and comedy without forgetting the participation (safe and primordial) of the audience.

His hero; a chicken …?!? laughs and smiles guaranteed!! Don’t miss the big final at the (freestanding) hoop!

This show is suitable for all ages. It will please both children and parents!

Technical requirements: Click here to see the Technical Sheet

Sample fare: Solo: $850 + transportation from Montreal

Pirate & Pizazz – circus and participative dance – 30 min.

Public: children * Available in French and / or English and in duo version *

This pirate is fearless !! Intrepid and reckless, she is in search of her lost treasure… Because without her treasure she can’t go on her tropical vacation on Hula island! With the help of her map and her audience, she will find it!

From hula-hoop numbers to choreography dance that move, she is ready for anything !!!!

Technical requirements: Click here to see the Technical Sheet

Sample rate: $ 700 + transportation from Montreal

Duo Musi Cirque – acrobatic duo, music and juggling – 45 min

Public: children – families

GiGi and Geronimo take you in a twirling atmosphere to the rhythm of their hula-hoops, foolishness, juggling, acrobatic chicane and… their accordion??! …. This is the guaranteed adventure!

Technical requirements: Stage 7m x 5m and 4.5m high ideally (23 x 17 x 15 ). Socket. Box. Assembly/disassembly 10 min.

Sample fare: Duo: $1,500 + transportation from Montreal.

Available indoors or outdoors

Available in French and/or English

Blue VERSUS Red – Acrobatic and juggling duo

Duration: 30 min – Audience: young audience

Who will win GiGi or Geronimo?

With a series of circus challenges and the votes of our fabulous audience we can determine who the winning team is.

An incredible show including acrobatics, balance of objects, magic, juggling, hoops, comedy and more! Professional circus artists, GiGi and Geronimo, will entertain your guests with a unique 30-45 minute circus show.

This unforgettable performance also includes a battery-powered audio system and all the necessary professional materials.

Available in French and/or English

Technical requirements: Stage 7m x 5m and 4.5m high ideally (23 x 17 x 15 ). Socket. Box. Assembly/disassembly 10 min.

Fare: $1500 + transportation from Montreal

Available indoors or outdoors

Le grand cirque – Juggling and Chinese Pole – 40 min

Public: children – families * Available in 30 min version – in French and or in English *

Master in the art of juggling balloons, Ryu offers a funny and breathtaking show of juggling, acrobatics and Chinese Pole that will delight young and old alike.

Hold your breath and keep your eyes open! 

Note: the Chinese Pole used is a self-supporting structure that does not require a point of attachment, but, it requires a flat and hard ground. 

Sample rate: $ 950 + transportation from Quebec


Mr Bleu – Magic – 45 min

Public: children – families

“Also available in Christmas and Halloween version”

At the same time secret agent, detective and adventurer, Monsieur Bleu is a man with magical powers. He is looking for new apprentices to solve a mysterious disappearance …

Let yourself be transported in a universe that defies the laws of gravity, over-naturalness and logic… with a good dose of humour and entertainment for the whole family!

Experience strong emotions with impressive card tricks, bird appearances, magical karate, spectacular handcuff breakouts and the mysterious flying table!

Show available indoors or in a tent – in French and/or English

Technical requirements:  Voir fiche technique

Fare: $850 + transportation from Montreal


Double Faute- Magic – 45 min

Public:  families

*Also available in mobile version*

Decidedly, these budding tennis players do nothing by the book… for our greatest pleasure!

Giraffe unicycle, tennis racket juggling, gags and laughter!!

Why take yourself seriously when you can laugh while doing sports? When sports and healthy habits are fun…

Technical Requirements:

– a clean, clear space of min 7 x 5 metres

-dressing room with mirror, toilet, water and snacks

– access to electricity to connect a sound system and 2 headsets


Fare: $1500 + transportation from Montreal

Mr Verdin à l’abordage- Circus – 30 or 45 min

Public:  children – families – adults

Funny and eccentric character, Mr Verdin would do anything to surprise his spectators!

Juggling demonstrations, balance of objects, unicycles, mini-bikes, etc. A summary of talent in a festive atmosphere!


Technical requirements: Voir fiche technique

Sample fare: $850 + transportation from Montreal.