Winter Lovers

Winter Lovers

To warm the hearts of those who love to enjoy winter!

The flakes are out! For your winter party, our breathtaking characters will be happy to offer a unique experience to your citizens. They are generous and have energetic personality, perfect for playing in the snow, taming the ice and fascinating the crowds even in winter conditions!

Available on the ground, ice-skates, skis, snowshoes or stilts depending on the character chosen. Impress the gallery with our bright evening costumes when possible (see photos).

Minimum 3 sets per character. Sets of 40 min / h for ground entertainment and 30 min / h for stilt entertainment.

+ See also our Christmas, Valentine and Saint Patrick characters on the thematic entertainment page.

Qannick on the ground

wolf character

The Child-wolf on the ground

fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline on stilts – with or without lights


The Ice Sultan on the ground or on stilts

Add colour and fun

Sibylle on the ground or on stilts – with or without lights

The noble on the ground

Canadian sugar shack

Leon the Lumberjack on the ground

Colonel Candy ground or stilts

Clementine the dancer

Clémentine (x2) ground or stilts

Damarès on the ground – with ou without lights

Thalina on the ground or on stilts – with or without lights

Cristalline - white lightning fairy

Cristalline on the ground or on stilts

animation tres dynamique

Valentine on the ground or on stilts

The Marquis on stilts – with or without lights

Optimiser sa popularite

Angelina on the ground or on stilts

Bob the Snowman on the ground

Toutou-Giraffe ground or ice-skates

Professor Anachronik ground or stilts

Mother Nature Winter on stilts

Toutou-Unicorn ground or ice-skates

Beauty on the ground or on stilts

Annaliz on the ground – with ou without lights

The Midnight’s Beauties ground or stilts

Waputiks on acrobatic stilts – with or without lights

Toutou-Penguin ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Bear ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Dinosaur ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Cat ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Dragon ground or ice-skates

Toutou-Rabbit ground or ice-skates

Some examples of rates

Minimum 3h per artist and 2 characters - Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 40 min / h on the ground and 30 min / h on stilts.
$500/per artist Ground entertainment
$570/per artist Ground entertainment
$640/per artist Ground entertainment
$705/per artist Specialized stilts



To answer your questions, I found the reservation easy to make and your rates affordable. The two animators were very friendly and independent. Nothing to change, keep up the great work!

Thank you and good day,


Louis-Philippe Chrétien, head of sports and events division, Ville de Lorraine

Hello !


It was a pleasure to receive you!I really appreciated the ease of contact and the speed of responding. The entertainment was perfect.
Have a good day !


Marie-Lyne Dubé, Recreation Technician, City of Saint-Sauveur

“CIRKAZOU – Moments of sharing and magic …. THANKS THANKS THANKS


CooPÈRE Rosemont offers FATHER / CHILD services in the Rosemont district. For our Christmas party, the two artists and clowns of CIRKAXOU offered a beautiful entertainment to enable PARENTS and CHILDREN to have a nuique moment that allowed them to try out a whole range of objets (juggling, devil stick, diabolo, scarf, chinese plates, stilts and many others).


Thanks to CIRKAZOU, this beautiful moment allowed participants to spend a moment together, to get to know each other better, to develop a PARENT / CHILD bond.


CIRKAZOU also offered an exceptional facepainting service for everyone. CHILDREN and PARENTS could see themselves ans offer beautiful colors during the day !

One watchword : CALL CIRKAZOU !”


Romain Neveu, Social facilitator, Coopères Rosemont