Terms of Sales

These general conditions of sale govern the relations between Cirkazou and its customers

Upon signing a service submission written by Cirkazou, by email or Pandadoc contract, these conditions apply.
These general conditions of sale will prevail over any other conditions appearing in any other document, except prior, express and written derogation. They are applicable to all customers, whatever their nationality and place of residence.

The only fact to accept a quote from Cirkazou implies unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of sale.
The customer declares to have read the general conditions of sale before placing an order with Cirkazou.

Subject of the quote

Cirkazou undertakes to provide the signatory with all the services present in the tender at the prices and under the conditions defined. Cirkazou will then issue a booking confirmation and then an invoice containing the terms, prices and conditions defined in the quote to finalize the booking. Any service not included in the proposed quote will be the subject of an additional quote request.

Price and consistency of the service
Unless otherwise stated, the prices announced on the quote always include all costs (administrative management costs, material and maintenance, costume, make-up and artists ‘accessories, transport, preparation, artists’ stamp, etc.)
This price does not include government taxes: GST and QST

Payment terms

At the time of booking, Cirkazou requests a deposit on the final amount (unless express agreement between the two parties). It must be paid at the latest in the date mentioned on the invoice by check or bank transfer to reserve the service. This deposit can’t be refunded in the case of cancellation of the event for any reason, including bad weather or change of program. The customer must pay the remaining balance within a maximum of 30 days after the date of the service. Any delay in the payment from the thirtieth day after the date of the invoice will give rise to penalties of 2% per month of delay + costs of the collection agency if necessary.


In the case of cancellation by the client, the amount of the deposit will be kept by Cirkazou for the administrative management and reservation of the artists. If the cancellation is made less than 30 days in advance, Cirkazou will charge 75% of the amount plus taxes. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, Cirkazou will charge the entire amount.

If you have subscribed to the deferral option in the case of rain (payable) you must notify us at least 24 hours before the start of the event. Otherwise, Cirkazou cannot guarantee the postponement under the conditions previously provided

In the case of emergency resulting of the impossibility for the artists to provide the service such as, but not exclusively, death, serious illness, accident, destruction by fire, interruption of an essential public service, strike, insurrection, war or other uncontrollable reasons of the same nature, Cirkazou undertakes to seek an alternative solution as far as possible, at no cost to both parties. If no solution is found, the service will not take place and Cirkazou will refund the amount of the deposit.

Modifications after acceptance of the quote

The customer is required to inform Cirkazou of any change in the organization of its event after acceptance of the estimate, such as modification of the place, the number of participants, the start time and the duration of the event, etc. Cirkazou reserves the right to accept this change, and if applicable, to charge additional costs.

Security conditions

In the event that, at the place of the contract, Cirkazou artists judge that their safety, the safety of their material the safety of the public is compromised, Cirkazou reserves the right to change the schedule or the terms established during the contract (exceptional weather conditions, impaired faculties of the public …), this, without notice and without modification of the price.

Use of information and visuals

Unless you advise otherwise, if you do business with Cirkazou, you automatically agree to be contacted subsequently either by telephone, email (including via our newsletter) or by post by Cirkazou to inform you of our news and to stay in contact.

Also, unless you advise otherwise, any photographic and / or video material taken during your event may be found on one of our promotional supports. This notice does not include the image rights of the participants which is the subject of an individual request from us to the persons concerned (oral or written), except in the case of crowds or if the person or persons are not recognizable.