The luminous

The luminous

Brighten up your festive evenings!

As soon as night falls, adding lights to our animations will fascinate your audience for a most remarkable visual effect. Our interactive characters will not go unnoticed! They will amaze and impress those who watch them to leave them an unforgettable memory.

Luminous juggling, costumes and / or luminous accessories will surely catch the eye of night owls!

Add a spectacular touch with a light number or show.

  • Sets of 30 min / h
  • Minimum 3 sets per artist

The annuals

Indoors or outdoors - on the ground or on stilts
Add colour and fun

Sibylle on stilts

fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline on stilts

White Swan ground or stilts

gracefull sexy fairy

The Night Butterfly ground or stilts

Damarès on the ground

Lightning Act

Lu-divine ground or stilts

The Midnight Beauties ground or stilts

Cristalline - white lightning fairy

Cristalline ground or stilts

echasses sauts sur glace

Waputiks on specialized stilts

The féérole on specialized stilts

The Wood Elf on the ground

Annaliz on the ground

Fee doree jouet

Thalina ground or stilts

The Marquis on specialized stilts


Angelika Crystal ground or stilts

Optimiser sa popularite

Angelina on the ground

Christmas themes


Stella ground or stilts

Fee doree jouet

Thalina ground or stilts

animation parade noel

The toy soldier ground or stilts

fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline ground or stilts

The Féérole on specialized stilts

Halloween theme

sorciere lumineuse

Witch (x2) ground or stilts

Pirate (x2) ground or stilts

Vampire (x2) ground or stilts


Mummy on the ground


mysterieuse pretresse

Zayana ground or stilts

Some examples of rates

Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 30 min/h
$700/per artist Ground entertainment
  • -
  • 3 sets of 40 min.
  • L.E.D juggling
  • Characters
  • Contact Us
$750/per artist Ground entertainment
$850/per artist Roving Stilts
$920/per artist Specialized Stilts

Hello Catherine,


I would first like to thank you on my behalf, you and your team for the warm performance of November 17 as part of the “lights on Chameran”.

 I very much welcome your professionalism and your communication, it was nice to collaborate with Cirkazou. For us, it was a success across the board. The Cirkazou team kept smiling throughout the activity and you wowed the crowd despite the temperature.


Sovuthy Khuon, liaison officer – Borough of Saint-Laurent / Chameran district


Very satisfied with Cirkazou’s services! Varied offer, versatile and very flexible animators in case of doubtful weather!


Gabrielle Labbé, cultural and community life coordinator – City of Farnham

Hello Clotilde and Nathalie,


We are very satisfied with the work you did on Saturday, you greatly contributed to the success of the event.



Séverine Pain, service for large parks, greening and Mount-Royal – City of Montreal