The stilts walkers

Our Stilts Walkers

Reach for the sky and gain visibility !


These giants don’t go unnoticed with their capes, their gigantic wings or their impressive costumes. They enchant adults, captivate children and allow you to increase your visibility.

Sometimes charming, sometimes teasing, they are experts in juggling with humor, illusions and artistic prowess!

3 or 4 sets of 30 minutes per character :

  • Ambulatory stilts walkers – day or bright
  • Specialized stilts wakers (acrobatic, animal, winter) – day or bright


The 4 seasons

Colorful, chic, fantastic or bright: they are extraordinary!

Pandora – roving


Lady Candy – roving or specialized


Mother Nature Summer – specialized


Cristalline - white lightning fairy

Cristalline – roving or specialized


fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline – roving or specialized


Black Swan – roving



Angelika Crystal – roving or specialized


Add colour and fun

Sibylle – roving or specialized


visibility and ambiance

The Wacky Hatter – roving


Willie – specialized


Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch – roving


The Rainbow – roving



The Zebra – specialized


Valentine – roving or specialized


Beauty – roving or specialized



Chris and Candy – roving or specialized



The Ice Sultan – specialized


Win & Régine – specialized


The Marquis – specialized


The Brides – roving


Professor Anachronik – specialized


Rodrigo y Fiorentina – specialized


Bongo Loco – specialized


The Steampunk – roving


Mother Nature Spring – specialized


historical entertainment

Lavandine – roving


Mother Nature Automn – specialized


Alicia – roving


White swan – roving


Lucy – roving


Lady de Rênal – roving


echasses sauts sur glace

The Waputiks – on demand


Zayana enchanteresse

Zayana – roving or specialized


Lu-Divine – roving


Lady Carnival – specialized


“La patenteuse” – specialized


christmas dreaming fairy

Gabrielle – specialized


Clementine the dancer

Clémentine (x2) – roving or specialized


The Fééroles – specialized


Dame nature hiver

Mother Nature Winter – specialized


The Accordionist – specialized


The Courtesans – specialized


The Pin-up – roving


cowboy western animation

Bobby the cowboy – roving or specialized



Our Christmas characters love to make children dream and create a magical moment of the holidays. Their contagious good humor and their touching and surprising tricks will make your festivities a success.

Cristalline - white lightning fairy

Cristalline – roving or specialized


Fee doree jouet

Thalina – roving or specialized


amazing nutcracker with stilts

The Toy Soldier – roving or specialized


fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline – roving or specialized


animation feerie de noel

Fairy stars – roving or specialized



Chris & Candy – roving or specialized


christmas dreaming fairy

Gabrielle – specialized


Gwendoline – roving or specialized


Sibylle – roving or specialized


Christmas Doll – roving or specialized


Optimiser sa popularite

Angelina – roving or specialized



Witches, pirates, vampires, mummy, fabulous animals, zombie, etc

Terrifyingly funny, mysteriously engaging and irresistibly absurd, these interactive characters will transport you to the magical world of Halloween. Their extraordinary imagination will draw the passers-by to this unmissable annual event!

Are you organizing an evening event? Dare one of our luminous costumes for the most fantastic visual effect. Ideal for attracting attention and causing wonder, it will be a plus to enhance your phenomenal evening!

On the ground or in stilt, to serve you …


Witches (x5) – roving


Vampire – roving


Willie – specialized


Luminous Vampire – roving


Luminous Witch – roving


Alfredo – roving or specialized


Clementine the dancer

Clémentine (x2) – roving or specialized


Pirates (x2) – roving


Luminous Pirates – roving


mysterieuse pretresse

Zayana – roving or specialized



Blue and white are in the spotlight for the national holiday!

Brighten up your national holiday with these characters from Saint-Jean-Baptiste, who have put on their most beautiful ornments and their best clothes in the colors of this unmissable festive day.

Jean of St-Jean (x2) – roving


Beauty of St-Jean – roving


visibility and ambiance

The St-Jean-Hatter – roving


Pandora – roving


increase visibility and popularity for my national fest

Lady St-Jean – specialized


Myosotis – roving


Canada Day

Red and white are in the spotlight for Canada Day!

Let’s celebrate Canada Day in color with our buskers specially dressed for the occasion!

Our charming artists animate crowds, touch hearts and bring joy and energy. Nothing is too good for this special day on the 1st July !

The Little Nada – roving


The Big Nada – roving


Lucy – roving


Bonco Loco – specialized


Alicia – roving


Rodrigo y Fiorentina – specialized


The present – on the ground (summer version)


Some example of rates

Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 30 min/h.
$700/per artist Roving Stilts
$780/per artist Roving Stilts
$850/per artist Specialized Stilts
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Winter Characters
  • Acrobatic Stilts
  • Animal Stilts
  • Contact-us
$950/per artist Specialized Stilts
  • -
  • 4 sets
  • Winter Characters
  • Acrobatic Stilts
  • Contact-us

A great team !!! Girls full of talents, dynamic and professional. All children from 0 to 99 years old will love them!


Soumia Ennassih – executive secretary – UQAM

Very participative approach, I really liked it and learned.


Samuel Brien – Profesional Facilitator – Synergences

Otherwise, I wanted to take the time to thank you again for your participation in the Défi sportif!

It was a pleasure to meet you, you are really a charming person!

Your approach with young people is excellent, I praised your roving entertainment and workshop to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your experience this year and that we can collaborate again next year for the Défi sportif!


Thanks again for everything and I hope to see you soon!


Mélodie Couture – programming manager – Défi sportif AlterGo