Thematic entertainment

Our thematic characters

For all the holidays and highlights of the year

Available on the ground or on stilts depending on the character that you choose (the possibilities are indicated below each photo). Do not hesitate to ask us if you want a character on ice skates, skis or snowshoes.

Minimum 3 sets per artist and 2 characters. Sets of 40 min / h for ground entertainment and 30 min / h for stilt entertainment.


Elves, star fairy, gingerbread, nutcracker, reindeer, fir, etc.

Our Christmas characters love to make children dream and create a magical moment of the holidays. Their contagious good humor and their fun, touching and surprising tricks will make your festivities a success.

The elves, who came straight from Santa’s toy factory, are playful characters brimming with energy. They love the Christmas tree counting, the snow and the month of December. Accompanied by some of our 17 other characters they will delight young and old!

Santa’s elves (x8) on the ground

amazing nutcracker with stilts

Wooden soldiers (x2) ground or stilts


animation feerie de noel

Fairy stars on the ground or stilts


pain d'epices

Gingerbread (x2) on the ground


Fee doree jouet

Thalina on the ground or stilts

Christmas reindeer (x2) ground


The present on the ground


fee lumineuse grandiose

Gwendoline in specialized stilts – with or without lights

Cristalline - white lightning fairy

Cristalline on the ground or stilts

Bob le bonhomme de neige on the ground


Alicia on the ground or stilts

Toutou-Leprechaun on the ground

Toutou-Fir on the ground

Add colour and fun

Sibylle on the ground or stilts

Toutou-Penguin on the ground

Christmas doll on the ground or stilts



Chris & Candy on stilts


Paprika on the ground

Santa Claus on the ground


Mother Christmas on the ground


animation tres dynamique

Valentine the romantic on the ground



Witches, pirates, vampires, mummy, fantasy animal, zombie, etc.

Terrifyingly funny, mysteriously engaging and irresistibly absurd, these interactive characters will transport you to the magical world of Halloween. Their extraordinary imagination will draw passers-by to this unmissable annual event!

Are you organizing an evening event? Dare one of our luminous costumes for a most fantastic visual effect. Ideal for attracting attention and causing wonder, it will be a plus to enhance your phenomenal evening!

Witch (Gaffa) on the ground or stilts



Lightning Witch (Gaffa) on the ground or stilts


Witch (Greta) on the ground or stilts



Lightning Witch (Greta) on the ground or stilts


Pirates (x5) on the ground or stilts


Lightning Pirates (x2) on the ground or stilts



Vampires (x2) on the ground or stilts


Lightning Vampires (x2) on the ground or stilts


Alfredo on the ground or stilts


Willie with animal-stilts



Lightning Willie with animal-stilts


The mummy on the ground



Zebra with animal-stilts

Clementine the dancer

Clémentine (x2) on the ground or stilts


cowboy a cheval

Harry the Cowboy on the ground


cowboy western animation

Bobby the cowboy on the ground or stilts


absurd mime

Sylvanna, dog trainer on the ground


The Toutous (x9 differents) on the ground



Angelika Crystal on the ground or stilts



Blue and white are in the spotlight for the national holiday

Brighten up your national holiday with these characters from Saint-Jean-Baptiste, who have put on their most beautiful ornments and their best clothes in the colors of this unmissable festive day.

On the ground or from the top of their stilts, these costumes adapted to the urban environment will impress the public and brighten up your events of the 23 th & 24th June.


Jean of St-Jean (x2) ground or stilts


Myosotis on the ground or stilts


Beauty of St-Jean on the ground or stilts


increase visibility and popularity for my national fest

Lady St-Jean with acrobatic stilts


visibility and ambiance

The wacky Hatter ground or stilts


Pandora in stilts

Canada Day

Red and white are are in the spotlight for Canada Day

Celebrate Canada Day in color and greatness with our buskers specially dressed for the occasion!

Our charming artists enliven the crowds, touch the hearts of passers-by and bring joy and energy. Nothing is too good for this special day on the 1st July!

Lucy ground or stilts


Alicia Ground or stilts

The present Ground


The big Nada ground or stilts


The little Nada ground or stilts


Bonco Loco musicien with acrobatic stilts


Rodrigo y Fiorentina musical-duo with acrobatic stilts


Easter characters

Coconut hunting !!!

Crunch the life with our adorable eccentric rabbits and their friends: the Wacky Hatter as well as Mister and Misses Candy!

Coming straight out of the chocolate factory, we bet that their fanciful personality will amuse more than one. If you provide us with chocolates or other Easter surprises, we will be happy to offer them around them!

Shopping malls, streets, schools and daycares, their contagious joy radiates everywhere.

Bunnys (x4 differents) ground


chapelier excentrique

 Extravaguent Hatter ground or stilts


Colonel bonbon

Colonel Candy ground or stilts


Lady Candy ground or stilts


Autres fêtes

Saint-Valentin, Saint-Patrick, et pour le reste de l'année ...

Vous programmez une journée conviviale pour la St-Valentin, la St-Patrick ou pour une autre occasion ? Laissez-nous vous accompagner avec nos comédiens au style et à l’éloquence charmante.

Ils adorent les défilés, les centres commerciaux et les établissements pour enfants. Toute occasion est bonne pour se pavaner et contribuer à l’ambiance que vous souhaitez créer.

The hearts (x4) on the ground


The brides (x2) ground or stilts


Valentine ground or stilts


Patrick ground or stilts


The present on the ground


Some examples of rates

Minimum 3h per service and 2 characters - Prices before transport, before taxes (for information only). Sets of 40 min / h on the ground and 30 min / h on stilts.
$500/per artist Ground entertainment
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Clowns - Jugglers - Bubbllers
  • Characters
  • ContactUS
$570/per artist Ground entertainment
  • -
  • 4 sets
  • Clowns - Jugglers - Bubblers
  • Characters
  • Contact Us
$600/per artiste Regular Stilts
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Thematic Character
  • Glamour characters
  • Contact Us
$705/per artist Specialized stilts
  • -
  • 3 sets
  • Winter Lovers
  • Acrobatic Stils
  • Animal Stilts
  • Contact Us



I am writing to thank you for the services rendered during our event which took place the last Saturday. We appreciated the presence of your team on site. We received excellent service, very professional and always attentive to our needs.


To answer your questions, what we liked most is the excellent customer service, but also the animation during the event. The ladies who carried out the animations were really passionate. The participants really enjoyed. Bravo to Monsieur Bleu for his show, the children really liked it!


Honestly, I wouldn’t change the service received! Nathalie and Clotilde were very present throughout the planning and were always open to making changes. The only advice: Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to collaborate again with you,


Louis-Cedrik Leduc, programming manager – City of Saint-Zotique

Hello Catherine,


Thank you, very successful activity, very satisfied citizens. Well done to your team.


Marie-Annick Lussier, programming manager, City of Montreal, Lasalle district